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When I asked ‘home party maven’s Shannon Sims and Renee Marshall-Mckinley what they loved about home parties their answers were nearly the same… Fellowship!

Have you been throwing rocks at other people’s glass houses? Turning your nose up at those Avon and Amway people? That’s fine, but while you are focusing on your limitations thousands of women are making friends and building a solid second income with home based business opportunities.

Whether it is jewelry, makeup, adult toys or body wraps, women [and a growing number of men] are gathering their friends and hosting home parties. These are win win events for all involved. In addition to the friendship and fellowship guests are usually treated to a luxury shopping experience with food and refreshments served by their host(s); the vendor has an exclusive and interested audience and the host(s) is usually rewarded with free and discounted goodies.

Direct sales is not for everyone, but if you want to earn more money, control your time and build strong relationships, it may be worth investigating. Stay focused on the positive!

Here are two great Home Party Mavens!

Passion Parties

Passion Parties’ business opportunity, our in-home parties and most importantly, our products are designed with one very important goal in mind — to arouse passion. Consultants present the latest in bath and body products and romance enhancers.

Keep Yourself Smelling Sweet

We are a handmade bath and body company serving the entire family. We use the Artisan method, making our products with love by hand in small batches to ensure you have the best quality possible. Keep Yourself Smelling Sweet AKA KYSS is a family affair!

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