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So many of us follow the crowd.  We someone else starting a jewelry store, so we want to sell jewelry.  Some of us indulge in network marketing.  These are a crowd sports, and you are often ruled by the team and the trends created by their influence.

True joy is often found in the simple things… you find it in people who follow their heart and training.  Not the intellectual training that we are falsely led to cherish… I’m talking about that ‘good home training’ that we used to receive from our elders… Kim Osterhoudt was blessed with some of that old fashioned home training.  At a young age she learned how to preserve fruits and vegetables from her mother.  She has fond memories of a large pantry in her family home that was always well-stocked with homemade applesauce, juicy peaches, freshly canned pears, homegrown tomatoes, and a wide assortment of jams and other preserves.


Kim’s grandfather always had a bountiful garden that produced numerous fruits and vegetables. He grew green grapes, which he used to make homemade wine. When Kim was around the age of 12, he gave Kim grapes to make her first jelly. She was hooked instantly, and loved making jams and jellies for her family and giving them away as gifts. Today, you too can enjoy the treasures that result from Kim’s creativity in the kitchen.

What love have you left behind that others would value?
We are all surrounded with opportunities to build a bountiful future.
It’s time to start living the life of your dreams!

Visit Kim’s store… and indulge yourself!
Don’t forget to come back and tell us how great her jam is!

Shellie Carter-Mungo