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I have built successful businesses; made millions of dollars for my business partners and I have experienced great loss and failure.  Through all of it, I have remained committed to living out my dreams and being happy my way.  I don’t believe anyone honest will tell you (and mean it) that money is not important.  Money is what is required to exist on most of the planet, for that reason alone, it’s important. But money does not make you happy. The things you get to do with money make you happy.  The desire to experience that happiness is what is supposed to make you work hard for it.

There are more and more new millionaires popping up around the world.
Many of them are turning up broke, in rehab, or deceased in record time.

We are all striving to make money, but we don’t have a plan.  We don’t really know what we want the money for!  Sure, if you ask a handful of people why they want a  lot of money they’ll tell you they want houses, cars and clothes.  But to me, most of those answers are rehearsed.  They say those things because other people say them.  When they get the money they discover that they are just as sad and lonely with money as they were before the money reached their hands.  They have money with no mission, no purpose or no love in their hearts.  Money is thrown at people who cling onto them, exploiting their weakness and when they discover those people don’t care about them, they spin out of control.

Please, strive and achieve. You deserve it, but don’t reach for the stars without purpose.  Spend a portion of your time learning and understanding who you are, what you need and keep only the people who deserve to be near you.  Your profit is found in your joy, your being proud of yourself, it’s in your confidence and deep within your love for yourself.  When you love yourself you will not allow others to bring you down.

If you are making money doing what you do… keep it to yourself!  Make sure the people you choose to allow in your life are there to enrich you, not the other way around.