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I grew up thinking I was fat. As a little black girl spending her teenage years surrounded by little white girls, I had no idea that my 25 inch waist and size 8 jeans were youthful treasures that I would bribe any supreme being to return to me.

As I’ve aged, I’ve always been “the pretty BIG girl”; a title I’ve never loved, but no one has cared about how I felt about this.  I’ve done my best to take care of myself, often feeling frustrated about either my weight; my wardrobe and/or the lack of clothing that I could turn to to make me feel like ‘me’.

Now as we move through time it seems that the smart people in the fashion world have discovered that women like me; women who are the majority, not the minority are worth paying attention to.

Here’s a Yahoo article that was recently published on the topic. If you’ve ever felt left out of fashion, you’ll love the video clip.